Your Time – Your Greatest Resource

imgresDr. Michael Le Boeuf said, “Waste your money and you are only out of money, but waste your time and you have lost a part of your life.”

Time is a valuable asset that we all have, and we are constantly trying to find ways to maximize our time.

We’re going to spend some time over the next number of weeks to dive into issues around “time management”. As I’ve spent time with leaders from all over the world, they are all asking the same question: “How can I get more done?” (Read here some tip sheets on GETTING THINGS DONE).

I have always come back with my standard response: “You have to learn to MANAGE YOUR TIME”.

I’ve learned over time that people don’t know what this means because for every one of us, it looks different. What works for me will probably not work for you. We deal with discipline and habits differently. We have different distractions and pressures in our lives. We have outside circumstances that are unique to us.

So, there is no simply presentation on “Managing Your Time“. But, there’s a series of thoughts, ideas, tips, suggestions and reminders that we’ll walk through over the coming weeks, and the goal is that you’re able to use SOMETHING that will help you create some margin or some space to focus on the things that are most important.

I remember when I was young in my leadership, I spent a lot of money every year on a daily planner. I had the perfect notebook, and I filled out all the forms and carried that thing with me everywhere. When computers took off, I learned to use my computer and then my smart phone to bring some order into my life.

I can honestly look at all the different “systems” and “applications” I used over the years and my success in managing my time has nothing to do with the “method” or “program” I used.

I simply learned early on a system that would work for me, and I work hard every day to be successful at it. I fail miserable many days, but I also have figured out how to squeeze some extra productivity and effectiveness out of my normal routine and work patterns.

Don’t freak out! All of us can do better in “managing” our time.

I hope that this series of blogs and tip sheets will encourage you.

I also invite you to share things that work for you, and I’ll pass them on to others! Send your thoughts, suggestions, ideas to:


For some great books on Time Management, CLICK HERE

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